Die Story eines Taugenichts.
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new posting yeah!!

what the hell... im so fuckin tired... but i have to to wait for a very special person whos gonna arrive at about 23.20...

well... cant believe the shit that i wrote down there in "two of a kind"... renato is a very strange one... he's sincere and kind, but he's living in a different world than i do... he's got a bad sense of humour, talks a lot of shit, writes incomprehensible poems etc etc... totally weird... i think he's never had luck in his life and never will... i feel sorry for him... but cant do anything...

this stupid rabbit downstairs is making noise again... makes me angry!!

so, i think im in love again... the person im waiting for... got to know him just about a month ago and from the beginning everything's been so different... and if its true what he says, he feels just the same way that i feel... thats too amazing, i cant believe it... he's so beautiful, got the loveliest smile on earth, i feel so good when i talk to him, he's all that i ever wanted... i know, it might sound a bit naive that im talking like this already, but... it was like love at first sight... really... i didnt believe that this would exist, but now i know it does!
well ok, of course theres gotta be a problem in it... cause its hard for me to trust him... actually i do trust him, but im too afraid of being hurt... i always have such doubts, they keep destroying everything.... i dont want it anymore, now i got the chance to be happy and i gotta use it!!!

8.1.09 23:07

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